Air Filtration and Purification Systems

We provide Air Filtration and Purification Systems throughout Ireland, allowing for a clean, effective workplace.


Odour Control Northern Ireland

Due to on-going investment in innovative technology we can offer you the best filtration and purification solutions. Comparisons prove that Plasma Clean is not only the most efficient unit available, they also they also lead the way in terms of weight, robustness, and size. We value our after sales service as one of the most important aspects of the sale. We recognise after sales service is one of the most important aspects of the sale. Our dedicated team will support you, throughout and after, the sale.

We work with M&E consultants, HVAC contractors and facilities managers, and commercial kitchen specialists.

Odour Control Northern Ireland

Kitchen Ventilation

Air purification systems for commercial kitchens to suit your needs. Providing optimum performance at a cost effective price.

Odour Control Northern Ireland

Wash Room Hygiene

Ionisation technology is used to leave air clean and smelling fresh. Our units are compact, combined and robust allowing for ease of installation and maintenance.

Odour Control Northern Ireland


In order for you to make the best choice for YOUR business we have attached our brochures and product information.

Six Simple Steps to Clean Air

We can ensure that your kitchen meets the industry standard guild lines known as the DEFRA Gudilines.

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Why risk kitchen closure?

The greatest potential fire risk in buildings with catering facilities comes from the accumulation of grease-laden deposits in extract ventilation systems. Grease extract ductwork often stretches through the entire length of a building reaching to a roof level exhaust, so uncleaned ductwork can put not only the occupants at risk from fire but also the whole premises.

The More We Service.. .The More You Save!

Grease-laden deposits in extract systems can not only cause a fire in a kitchen, but the whole building. A fire in your kitchen can costs thousands between repairs and closure. Our products can reduce grease deposits within your system. This will not reduce your fire risk, but also your duct cleaning costs. Don’t worry.. because our products also allow you to be compliant with TR19 and insurance regulations.


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