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The first line of defence for kitchen ventilation systems is provided by Plasma Clean coil filters. They capture up to 95% of oil and grease particles whilst working on extraction air before it reaches the canopy. This is a drastic advancement in comparison to the usual 20-40% achieved. Coil filters are typically used in: cafes and fast food bars; restaurants and takeaways; pubs and clubs; and food production and processing.

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Canopy Filters Northern Ireland

How it works?

The Plasma Clean coil creates a vortex which enables the grease and oil particles to spin out separately and the particles are then collated together for recycling.


Coil installation is simple and straightforward. Replacing a new canopy and don’t know where to begin? Ask us for details of the design and dimensions of the mounting plates. If you need to replace baffle filters, our job is made quick and easy due to our adaptor plate.

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Materials such as the oil and grease which is collected in the filter cup, can be recycled along with the spent oil from the frying range. The stainless steel filter can be washed either in the dishwasher or with warm soapy water.

The unit can be washed as a part of a daily or weekly routine, dependant on the level of cooking. The oil trapped by the coil filter means it is a necessity for duct cleaning, as it can find its way into the ductwork.


  • Easy to clean
  • Low capital and running costs – ROI usually less than 12 months
  • Duct fire risk reduced – insurance costs therefore reduced
  • Duct cleaning reduced and downstream equipment servicing
  • Reduction in oil and grease entering the duct run
  • No consumable chemicals
  • Recycling options: oil when captured and the stainless steel body