Electrostatix – Electrostatic Filters

Grease and Smoke removal in ducted systems

Electrostatic Filters

Grease and Smoke Control Northern Ireland

Plasma Clean’s Electrostatix filters (also known as electrostatic precipitators, or ESPs) are the supreme choice for removing grease, oil and smoke particles from air. Advancements in technology has allowed us to make our ESPs up to twice as effective as competitors. Electrostatix and its filters are typically used in: cafes; fast food bars; restaurants; takeaways; pubs and clubs; and food production and processing. It can be used across a number of applications:

  • HVAC – return air, outside/makeup air
  • Kitchen Exhaust – grease and smoke removal
  • Industrial use – fan assisted units supplied (call for more information)
  • Oil mist – machine shops, cold heading, screw machines, foundry, machining centres, heat treating and tenter frames
  • Smoke – welding, rubber, curing, plasticisers, heat treating, presses/forging

How does it work?

Firstly, contaminated air passes through the pre filter and diffuser. Smoke and grease particles are then given an electrostatic charge as they are being ionised, attracting them to collector plates where they are trapped.


  • Reduces grease, odour and smoke
  • A bespoke approach is designed for each individual using standard modules
  • Reduces fire risk
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • A ‘green’ approach with low environmental impact
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Leading technology for strong performance

Plasma Clean electrostatic filters create both positive and negatively charged particles. Honeycomb type systems only create positively charged particles, which leave 20% of these particles untouched. ESP performance is improved due to the combination with larger than average collector cells.

Better than competitors

  • The pressure drop within Electrostatix is two to three times lower than competitor ESPs. Noisy fans are no more!
  • We use stainless steel ioniser blades which are stronger than competitor’s tungsten wire ionisers.
  • The life of the power supply is lengthened due to the high voltage stand-off insulator that we use.
  • These units are specifically designed for commercial kitchen and food production uses.
  • The units can be configured in a single double or triple pass, depending on the nature of the cooking and efficiency levels required.