Grease Odour Control
Northern Ireland

Techniclean Ecology Unit

Techniclean – UV filter and ozone

Grease Odour Control Northern Ireland

Plasma Clean’s Techniclean UV-C filters remove grease and odour effectively from your kitchen extractions air. It is a low energy solution to grease and odour problems with a low footprint. It consists of a combination of UV-C lights and ozone technology that breaks down grease and odour particles.

The units are available as slim line in-duct units or canopy mounted UV systems. The units fit in all size of kitchens, even where space is limited. Power supplies combined with 10,000 hour lamps (2-3 years of operation) provide high class performance over long time periods.

How Does It work?

Photolysis and ozonolysis work in combination to eliminate grease and odour problems in canopies and ducts.
Ozonolysis occurs when ozone is produced from oxygen and it breaks down odours and ductwork grease. Photolysis occurs when UV-C light breaks down odour and ductwork grease. The end products from both of these processes are water vapour and carbon dioxide.

Techniclean is typically used in: restaurants and takeaways; pubs; cafes and fast food bars; and food production and processing establishments. For more information contact us!

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Installation: In-duct Units

The system will be installed in the duct run. It has a low back pressure and should be located close to the cooking process in order to reduce grease and leave the downstream duct almost grease free. The system is hardwired into the mains electricity through the airflow interlock. This ensures the system operates automatically when the extraction system is in operation.

Care and Maintenance

Over time, the UV-C lamps will have a build-up of deposits of ash and this will need to be cleaned. This can be done by simply wiping it with a detergent soaked cloth and drying it with isopropyl alcohol. Qualified engineers should replace the lamps when needed – usually once every two or three years.

Grease Odour Control Northern Ireland