Odour Control

Odour Control in Ducted Systems

Xtract 2100 – Ozone injection unit

Odour Control Northern Ireland

The Xtract 2100 can be used with/without a fresh air feed and is attached to the wall with the outlet connected to the canopy or ductwork. It is plugged in and connected to the mains with an air flow interlock.

A fan can also be fitted in the unlikely event that the kitchen fan can’t draw air.

The Plasma Clean Xtract 2100 is a lightweight, affordable and reliable odour control unit.

The Xtract 2100 makes use of the natural ozone as an air purifier by eliminating odours at the source completely. This gives an advantage over competitors that usually mask the smell rather than eliminating it altogether.

How it works?

The Xtract 2100 combines cutting-edge oxidation technology, creating ozone and injecting it directly into the ventilation canopy and/or ductwork.

Ozonolysis begins to act on cooking odours in the air and the grease on the ducts surface. The treated air then moves outside and the ozone is consumed during the process, converting any excess to oxygen.

The Xtract 2100 is typically used in: cafes and fast food bars; restaurants and takeaways; pubs and clubs; and food waste storage.

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  • Instant odour control
  • Low running and capital costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Proven to reduce odours up to 90% (see test results)
  • Silent fans when in operation
  • Fans will operate to highest efficiency – air flow is maintained
  • Carbon filters long lasting
  • Easy to retro-fit – no additional power or fan upgrade needed